In Home Care – Nevada County

Grass Valley, Nevada City, Penn Valley,  Alta Sierra and surrounding areas.

  • Personal Care
  • Post Operative Care
  • Hospice Care
  • Home Maintenance
  • Transportation
  • Healthy Meal Planning

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Advantages of Home Care

Have you heard your parent say: “If you move me to a nursing home I will shrivel up and die”? The major advantage of home health care is that seniors get to age in their own home, wake up in their bedroom, look out their kitchen window and be around family and friends that are familiar and make them feel safe. This is especially important to Alzheimer’s patients.  If you move them too soon, they become confused, angry and anxious.

And the cost is minimal in comparison to a senior care facility.

If staying home is the perfect option, they may need help with cleaning, meal preparation, driving, grooming and other tasks.  And that’s where we come in.  Hiring compassionate caregivers who can come into the home on a part-time, hourly or 24/7 basis would provide different levels of care, from companion care to personal care to dementia care. This can provide you with peace of mind knowing that someone is there to pinch hit for you.

The Disadvantage of a Facility

Seniors fear moving into a nursing home more than they fear death, mainly because of the institutional feeling and loss of freedom and the loss of memories they leave behind.

The other disadvantage is that it will cost them 3 to 4 times more per month in rental costs alone.  That does not include additional foods, transportation, personal care including caregivers..

The longer you keep them in their own home the more comfort, safety and happiness they will enjoy.